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Jennifer Loyall


Jennifer brings over a decade of experience in working with dental specialists, general dentists, and physicians.

Jennifer’s Experience

For years, Jennifer has lectured in resident programs, practice management courses, and accounting firms throughout the country. She also facilitates dental leadership panels and hosts webinars on a variety of business topics.

Jennifer’s central focus for a resident, fellow, or attending physician, is to surround them with strong advisory team, and bring them from chaos to clarity with all matters related to insurance. In 2015, Jennifer was awarded the Circle of Excellence, created by a top carrier to honor advisors who prioritize customer service and have a proven track record.

Jennifer has a heart for equipping millennials, and has recently begun authoring articles directed towards those who have recently graduated. She also takes particular care with mentoring each new insurance advisor at Loyall.

When not spending time with her family, you’ll find Jennifer venturing through a National Park (by mule or by foot), quietly thinking and praying on the front row of a Soul Cycle class, or walking through the pasture with her German Shepherd, Lincoln, who has a soon-to-be protégée named Ford. Jennifer also tends to her cows on her farm outside of Dallas and is learning to fly the helicopter.