Insurance Solutions That Work for Veterinarians


Working with thousands of veterinarians since 2004 has given our team insight into the insurance concerns that matter most. We harmonize and simplify:


  • Disability Insurance – Ask us about insurance options to provide increased stability in times of volatility.
  • Life Insurance – Enjoy needs-appropriate insurance coverage that provides peace of mind.
  • Practice Loan Insurance – Insurance coverage to satisfy lender requirements.
  • Student Loan Insurance – Receive expert advice on student loan insurance and refinance options.
  • Malpractice Insurance – Receive guidance on how to best protect yourself and your patients.
  • Business Owner Insurance – Combining both property and liability insurance, we protect your staff and assets from the accidents that can happen in any busy work environment – especially when animals and emotions are involved.

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The Inside on What Veterinarians Need to Know About Insurance

Get the bottom-line on insurance for your veterinary practice in this carefully-curated e-book, written by the vet insurance experts at Loyall Group.

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Five Questions Vets Ask Us About Insurance

Do Veterinarians Need Malpractice Insurance?

Accidents and emotions sometimes lead to lawsuits. Malpractice insurance exists to provide suitable coverage, cover litigation costs, and ensure that both the practice and patient are protected.

Do I Need Insurance as a Sole Proprietor or Contractor in Someone Else’s Veterinary Clinic?

You should always have appropriate insurance coverage that is reflective of your professional circumstances.

Which Insurance Carriers Does Loyall Group Work With?

We work with numerous insurance providers that provide services nationally, including Guardian, Principal, Ameritas, Mass Mutual, Standard, Bestow, and others!

How Long Does it Take to Get Insurance?

Our insurance brokerage leverages numerous technologies that streamline the application process. While the industry average from application to coverage is approximately 30 days, our team is able to provide coverage in as little as 10 days.

Is Veterinarian Insurance Considered a Business Write-Off?

Your business/professional corporation pays insurance premiums as expenses, which are tax-deductible.

Working With Veterinarians Like You Since 2004


In the 16+ years since we began working with veterinarians across America, we’ve learned the insurance concerns that matter most to veterinarians as well as the areas that many veterinarians often neglect.

Our team of insurance brokers specializes in insurance for veterinarians in order to provide industry-relevant insurance advice that you can count on.